Reasonable Rate of Return

At Freedom Retirement Solutions, you will saferly earn a reasonable rate of return over time while your principal is protected from market declines.It is our goal to help you get a reasonable conservative return on your money over time. What we offer our clients not only protects their principal and interest it allows them to get a reasonable conservative return over time. According to many publications and history a fair assumed rate of return over time can be between 4% and 6%.

If you’re like most investors you love it when the market rises and you get a big return but you hate when the market goes down and lose those returns and sometimes your principal. What if you could get some of the ups with none of the downs? What if you never had to worry about a downturn in the market or a volatile market ever again? Would you sleep better? would you have less stress and money worries?

Call us and set a time to meet with one of our representatives and let them show you how you can have less stress and sleep comfortably at night knowing that you’re principal and interest is protected. We will explain everything in detail to make sure this is right and suitable for you.

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